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Magic The Gathering: Arena

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Welcome to the subreddit for Magic The Gathering: Arena, the new digital card game by Wizards of the Coast.

Please have a look at the links and rules below.


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Subreddit Rules

||| |:---|:---| |Rule 1: Be kind to your fellow Planeswalkers          |This includes no insults, flaming, harassing, or threatening of anyone on this sub.| |Rule 2: All posts must be related to Magic The Gathering Arena|This can include discussions about certain cards, decks, themes, upcoming releases, the past versions, etc.| |Rule 3: If you are submitting a deck list please use the template linked below|The template is there to keep posts looking legible and to providing as much information as you can about it to the rest of the subs. Your post will be removed if you fail to edit your post after a mod has left a comment reminding you to do so.| |Rule 4: Don't spam the subreddit|If your post comes off as low effort or doesn't provide a point of discussion it'll be considered spam. This includes trolling, rants, links to pictures of board states (without an explanation), posts that should be put into the current sticky, etc. Posting blatant misinformation will be considered spam.| |Rule 5: Make as few individual posts as possible|If you are a content creator who makes videos regularly, or if you post a lot of deck builds try to not make 3+ posts a day. Instead make a single thread, or post in an appropriate sticky if available.| |Rule 6: No discussion/links to pirated software/mods/Exploits|There will be zero-tolerance for discussing and linking to any type of piracy, mods, or exploits to counter act or disrupt the game play of others.| |Rule 7: Post Threshold/Questionable Content/Language| If a post has a threshold of 25% or below, it may be removed. If a user has a history of negative comments and submissions, their post may be removed. We ask that you please try to keep all media, posts, and comments in English.|

What link flair should I use?

||| |:---|:---| |Discussion                                                      |This is for any general topic that you wish for the community to discuss with one another.| |News|This is for links to news articles or for updates to the subreddit.| |Deck Builds|This is for posting your deck lists for others to view and discuss.| |Deck Crafting|This is for posts asking for tips on building a certain deck, asking for help to finish one, or discuss a certain card for a deck.| |Multimedia|This is for posts which link to any sort of video content namely youtube videos.| |PVP|This is for posts which are meant to seek out people on your platform to play with.| |Rumor|This is for rumors... yeah.| |Bug Warning|This is for posts that bring possible bugs to other users attention.| |Question|This is for posts that seek to answer a specific question you might have but are not related to deck/card questions.| |Information|This is for posts that are meant to inform other subs of quick information that doesn't require further discussion.| |Event|This is for community driven events whether it be a tournament, community stream, or deck building challenges.|

Deck Submission Template

Use the following format when posting a deck:

Creature Spells:

x2 Creature 1

x3 Creature 2

x4 creature 3

Non-creature Spells:

x2 Spell 1

x3 Spell 2

x4 Spell 3


x20 plains

x20 Forests

Followed by an explanation of what the deck is trying to do; notable cards, combos and potential win conditions.

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