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Welcome to the subreddit!


This subreddit is dedicated to the obscure details and easter eggs found in movies

Don't forget you can get screenshots from movies at

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  1. Details must be obscure, specific and intentional.
  2. All comments must be civil. Comments calling out rule breaking submissions such as "i noticed this" will be removed.
  3. All submissions must include the name of the movie in the title.
  4. NSFW content must be distinguished as such.
  5. Submissions must be movies, TV shows and games should go to /r/TVDetails and /r/GamingDetails.
  6. Make sure your submission has an explanation either in the title or in the comments and add "(explanation in comments)" to your title.
  7. No memes, meta or request posts.
  8. No politics. This could include political figures.
  9. No common reposts, reposts from the last month or top 50.
  10. No spoilers in the title. Don't browse /new if you're worried about this. Submissions from movies that are still in theatres will also be removed.
  11. Animated Disney and Pixar related submissions will be removed on weekdays, this is due to a high amount of them. They are allowed on weekends.

Submissions or comments that include untagged spoilers, personal/identifiable information or aren't in English will also be removed.

Expanded rules and banning policy

All submissions should be in English.

If a post or comment breaks the rules, please don't just complain. Hit the report button and we'll look into it ASAP :).

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