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Welcome to the subreddit!

This subreddit is dedicated to the obscure details and easter eggs found in movies

Don't forget you can get screenshots from movies at

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1) All posts must be related to obscure and specific details in movies.

2) All comments must be civil. Comments about rule breaking submissions will be removed, just hit report instead.

3) All posts MUST have the name of the movie in their title.

4) NSFW content MUST be distinguished with the NSFW button.

5) Intentional movie details only, not mistakes.

6) Please add an explanation to your post in the title, or add a comment and put "(explanation in comments)" in your title.

7) No memes, meta posts, etc.

8) No politics.

9) No reposts from this subreddit.

10) All titles must be spoiler free. Please report if you see these and we will ask the OP to repost as we cannot change titles. Whilst we'll try and catch rule breaking posts as fast as possible, don't browse /new if you're worried about seeing spoilers.

Disney and Pixar Related Submissions

Due to a high amount of animated Disney and Pixar related submissions they are now only allowed on weekends.

Full explanation, rules and banning policy

All submissions should be in English.

If a post or comment breaks the rules, please don't just complain. Hit the report button and we'll look into it ASAP :).

Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information (real/fake) will result in a ban without prior warning. This includes yourself or others, and refers, but is not limited to, names, phone numbers, email addresses, or any social media accounts.

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