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🔥 Nature Is Fucking Lit

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What is /r/NatureIsFuckingLit?

We are here to appreciate the awesome majesty and cool aspects of nature.



Lit Emoji


Check to see if your post is a repost before submitting:


Search and Replace "Subject"

In Depth Rules

1. Posts on this subreddit must be exciting and interesting images of nature.

>Absolutely no images featuring humans.

>No domesticated cats, dogs, hampsters, gerbels, ferrets, etc. Even if feral.

>No aquarium kept fish, snakes, spiders, or lizards. No crocs or gators from wrangling farms or tourist stops

>Common livestock and barnyard animals are allowed in outdoor settings

> Weather and landscapes are permitted provided they meet the standards of being🔥

2. Submission Titles

> Every post title must begin with the fire emoji (🔥) and a space.

>The fire emoji defines this community. Your post will be auto-removed if you do not follow this rule.

>Write an accurate and descriptive title Describe the animal, plant, or location in your title as best as you can.

>Non descriptive or inaccurate titles will result in your submission being removed.

>Titles cannot just say "[subject] is lit"


> No image, gif, video or article may be reposted in NiFL for 120 days. If you report a repost please try to provide a link to the previous post

> Content from other subreddits do not count as reposts in NiFL.

> Search the subreddit for key terms like the animal name(s) or run your image through Karma Decay before posting to check for previous postings.

4. Enhanced Images

> No Photoshop, composites, or obvious filtering is allowed. > No taxidermy, posed, or staged animal scenes.


> NSFW/L posts are not allowed in NiFL If it's bloody, gory, or violent please submit it to our sister subreddit r/natureismetal.

6. Human Concerns

> No politics, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or similar topics of human conceit. We are here for the awesomeness of nature. Any references to these topics will be removed.

All rules are subject to moderator discretion

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For cool extinct nature, check out /r/Naturewasmetal.

For people being badasses, visit /r/Humansaremetal.

For dead animals doing crazy things from the afterlife, check out /r/taxidermy and /r/taxidermyismetal.

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