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Sjinteresting facts

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Welcome to /r/Sjinterestingfacts, a subreddit dedicated to the ridiculous shit that Sjin of the Yogscast comes out with. Featuring inspirational images and verbose videos, this subreddit is for any fan of the Yogscast, fan of the absurd. For more from Sjin and the rest of the crew, head over to /r/Yogscast, the main sub for all things Yoggy. For other things like this, go to /r/yogsoutofcontext or /r/shitlewissays for more yoggy goodness! Rules:

Rule 1: Only shit or trolls he says. (This includes no paraphrasing. Please post what Sjin actually said.)

Rule 2: Link the source video for your submission in the comments.

Rule 3: All links to to videos must have a timestamp unless it's right at the beginning!

Rule 4: If you are submitting shit that was said on a livestream, (eg. Christmas livestreams) it is alright to post a text post and add the timestamp later, once the livestream has been archived or added to YouTube.

Rule 5: No reposts unless there has been 6 months between the last post.

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