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Interesting As Fuck

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A place to share (almost) anything and everything interesting.


||| |:------|:---| |Make sure your post is actually interesting as fuck| This is not the place for fails, trashiness, funny content, etc| |Titles| Describe the content of the post/why it's interesting/it can be a bit humorous too.| |No spam|Just don't spam.| |No gossip or tabloid-esque material|Seriously, that's just not cool.| |If needed, include a source|If your post declares something as fact, please cite a source in it, or in the comment section.| |Be civil|We are here to learn and share interesting things. Don't be a jerk.| |Reposts| Reposts are allowed. HOWEVER, if something has been posted a lot it's going to be removed.|

Please don't complain if you think something isn't interesting.

We want to encourage people to contribute here.

If you feel it violates the rules click report.

Note: This sub filters new users in order to remove spam. If you are a new reddit user, please gain some karma or wait a few days before posting.

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