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Knight's Raiders (kinda funny) Destiny 2 Clan

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This is forum for members of the Destiny 2 clan "Knight's Raiders". If you would like to be added and are a member of the clan just PM either myself or Ender35k on reddit or PSN (my username is "thecolombianbear").

Most of us are fans who met through the Kinda Funny subreddit. This sub is for members of the clan to post availability times for fireteams, scheduling clan events, and posting most anything related to Destiny 2 and your characters that you found interesting or would like an opinion on. Please be respectful and keep the whining to a minimum.

Rule 1: Stay on topic, this is our Destiny 2 clan forum, not a soap box for your political bullshit.

Rule 2: Be respectful.

Rule 3: Play Destiny 2.

Rule 4: Go outside. Then repeat Rule 3. This is for Vitamin-D.

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