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Rick and Morty News and Discussion

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This is the subreddit for fans of Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland's animated series Rick and Morty on [adult swim]. Basically we're a breeding ground for shitposts.


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Official full episodes available on:

Official Rick and Morty shirts can be found here at ZenMonkeyStudios, and here from Ripple Junction.


Rick and Morty chat:

Chat about other tv shows - The Lounge.


1. Follow reddiquette when posting. Spammers will be treated like bureaucrats - we don't respect them!

  • Harassing other users or the mods will result in a ban. 1st time offenders will receive a 7-day ban. If the behavior continues, the ban will become permanent.

  • Spamming, Botting and Vote Manipulation will result in a perma ban.

2. As this is a semi-official community where the R&M crew and creators often contribute, posts & comments directly linking to torrent ~~& streaming sites~~ are DISQUALIFIED and will be removed.

  • Posting leaks will result in a permanent ban.
  • Until Adult Swim fixes their streaming platform, we are temporarily suspending our rule against links to streaming sites.

3. No Puffy Vaginas (Porn/34). Other NSFW content should be tagged.

4. This is a politically neutral subreddit. Politically loaded posts are DISQUALIFIED.

5. Posts and comments including personal information will be removed

6. Unverified premiere dates & posts linking to clickbait/fake rumors will be removed.


The following rules have been put in place in an effort to mitigate shitposts and increase the overall quality of content on the sub. Unless posts under these categories are particularly original, they usually don't contribute anything and just clutter up the feed.


7a. Due to community feedback and the high amount of front page clutter we're experiencing, Content that's irrelevant to Rick and Morty will be removed. If the post itself has nothing to do with R&M and only features a tangential reference to the show, or a quote as the title it may still qualify for removal under this rule. Posts will be removed at the mods' discretion.

Common Examples:

  • A label with "Two Brothers" on it, something tangentially related to Lil'Bits, Fake Doors, or shaped like a giant head. That stock-art Pizza Man logo, some chicken nuggets you found on the floor, Szechuan Sauce, The word "Szechuan" that you saw somewhere - perhaps on a Chinese Restaurant sign or menu, Mulan in general, a Shoney's Restaurant IRL, etc, etc, etc. Posts with content that's completely irrelevant but has an unrelated image or quote from R&M on it.

  • TL;DR: Unless there is a specific reference to Rick and Morty in the content of your post, it may be taken down.

7b. Posts that are just screencaps from the show with a quote as the title, or posts with only a title and nothing else.

  • Note: This does not pertain to posts that are making an observation, witty comment, or anything of the like.

7c. Screenshots of people referencing/quoting Rick and Morty in comment threads or on Facebook, Twitter, Texts, etc.

  • Since it's become nearly impossible to read a comment thread without encountering a Rick and Morty reference, posting screencaps of them here is unnecessary clutter.

7d. Requesting upvotes in the title of a post - either directly or indirectly are no longer allowed.

7e. Content that has been reposted numerous times will be removed at the council's discretion. This especially pertains to content that has been reposted a bunch within a short time-frame.

7f. Excessive promotion of a subreddit, product or for personal gain. Content that falls under this category will be removed at the council's discretion.


Break the cycle. Rise above the shitposts. Focus on Original Content.


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